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Welcome to Alphagrain

ALPHAGRAIN operates in the agribusiness , focused on the origination , storage and marketing of commodities for domestic and international markets. Its directors, with ample professional experience in the sector, have joined forces in order to meet satisfactorily the needs of its customers and the company has grown from conscistente and sustainable manner.
Its headquarters is located in Mato Grosso state in the city of Nova Mutum , one of the largest plantation areas in the state, which also has branches in Cuiaba , Barueri , State of Sao Paulo, one of the main financial centers of the country, and finally in Maringa , state of Parana.
The company is in the process of opening the Dourados branch in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.
The ALPHAGRAIN company offers innovative solutions in storage, marketing , product distribution and service partners in the agricultural , food and industrial sectors , both domestic and foreign markets.

● Mission
Open new horizons and consolidate the market , using the best storage technologies and marketing of products , quickly and effectively . Work following fundamental ethical values ​​such as integrity, honesty, reliability and fairness. Seek excellence in products and services , always with respect, punctuality and professionalism , improving the relationship with producers through an enterprising and competent staff.

● Vision
Substantially contribution to the positive balance of trade and the exchange of the national economy;
AAdministration and management of work, with the prospect of profit generation ; Expansion and competitiveness , in pursuit of constant improvement in the activities and processes with the highest quality , dedication and improvement of the organization.
Concern about becoming a reference company in sustainable development.